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December 6, 2019
The holidays are here, and MDR has a gift for you! Get a jump start on the new year with new opportunities. Yesterday, we unveiled MDR ConnectED Cloud, a revolutionary new self-serve platform that enables sales and marketers to build audience profiles and lists, obtain critical funding information, and integrate that data directly into their CRM and Marketing Automation systems, 24/7. Access the nearly half million new contacts added to our database since the beginning of the school year with a click of a button.

Check out our other news below, including a recently introduced and unparalleled No-Fail Delivery Guarantee and upcoming events!
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Cyber, Blockchain, A.I.
Guest contributor Gina Faulk, General Manager, EdGate Correlation Services, discusses how school systems are preparing students for the  changes that will impact future careers. 
Educator Hot Topics
Check out what school officials, teachers, principals, and all types of educators are most interested in this month.
ED MARKETING. Stay in the know with marketing tips and best practices for engaging the education community.
Reaching Education Customers at the Speed of Light
There has been a significant rise in the use of sales acceleration tools, CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and, more recently, the connectivity of those systems to Customer Data Platforms.
Optimizing Content for Educator Engagement
Learn why content marketing matters, how to develop content that works, and how to use that content to generate leads.
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Public School Enrollment Infographic
Email Marketing Playbook
NEW @ MDR. We've been busy—see what's new!
MDR Visitor Intelligence
At MDR, we stand by the data we provide 100% of the time. MDR’s delivery guarantee is simple: Your Message Delivered, Or We Make Good.
MDR News
MDR's ConnectED Cloud platform accelerates sales and marketing success in the education industry.
MDR IN THE NEWS. Check out our latest articles and media mentions.
Want Gen Z Customers? Be Like Gen Z
Like every generation, Gen Z wants happiness and success, but more than previous generations, it views buying power as a key vehicle for activism. In addition to great products and services, brands have to deliver progress.
MDR Events. Join us at these industry events.
Webinar: Cracking The Code: Connecting Corporate Social Responsibility With Schools
EdNET Executive Council

February 27, 2020, New York, NY

Examining current trends and planning for education’s future state with C-suite industry peers. Learn more and apply to attend, sponsor, or speak here.

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