MDR Quarterly Update 2018
MARCH 8, 2019
This week we released our latest research study in the State of the K-12 Market 2018 Report Series: Social and Emotional Learning in Schools. This report, based on feedback from over 500 educators, explores the growing SEL market and opportunities for curriculum developers and resource providers.

Get the key highlights of the report on our blog, as well as plenty of other tips for refining your education marketing campaigns. Whether you’re planning for your next tradeshow, developing a content marketing strategy, or trying to engage the Gen Z audience—we’ve got you covered.
By Kristina James

SEL is a growing movement in K-12 education, even though some organizations, like Committee for Children, have been thinking about it for 40 or more years. As schools and districts look for ways to reduce discipline problems, build a positive school climate, and boost academic success, they are now turning to SEL programs. 

By Gina Faulk, General Manager, EdGate Correlation Services

What adult is not amazed with the modern student’s prolific video watching? Educational videos are here for the long haul and, as always, students will be ahead of the game and educators need to keep up. Check out how publishers are making videos “teacher-ready.” 

By Jodi Murphy

Today is National Proofreading Day! We've all made spelling errors, grammar boo-boos, and typos when we write (I sure do!), so today is the day where we should take a little extra time to proofread our work, and also show appreciation to those who proof our work.

By Linda Ingersoll

Did you know that Generation Z’s population at over 60 million is larger than that of GenX? To attract younger consumers and future employees, corporations need to take a position on the topics Gen Z cares about. Do you know what they are?

By Kristina James

Smart planning is the key to creating a well-balanced trade show or conference experience. Prepare in advance, engage while onsite, and follow up after. Simple, right? Wrong. Checkout these 10 practical tips to make the grade with educators at your next conference.  

By Marta Oddone

As education marketers, we know content marketing isn’t a fad; it’s a philosophy that’s uniquely effective with educators who see a sale not just as a transaction, but as the outcome of your investment in building a relationship with them. What’s the benefit to you?

By Jodi Murphy

This week, check out some Instagram hacks teachers are using, learn why literacy is so important for academic growth, and get inspired by one principal who starts each day with a morning assembly.

Download our final report in the State of the K-12 Market 2018 series where we explore SEL in schools today, where teachers stand on implementing it into the classroom, barriers they face, and more.

See what lessons we learned from content marketing campaigns after engaging with teachers through our educator-focused channels.


Did you miss our webinar last week? Or maybe you want to re-watch it? Check out the recording to learn how to align your marketing campaigns to the school buying calendar!

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