MDR Quarterly Update 2018
FEBRUARY 22, 2019
This week we're exploring the education trends you'll likely see more of this year. And while there are plenty of exciting advancements in EdTech like artificial intelligence and virtual reality, we're not just talking technology. Social emotional learning, mindfulness, and "Marie Kondo-ing" are also making their way into the classroom. 

Also in this issue: how to jumpstart your social media marketing campaigns and an upcoming webinar on decoding the school purchasing cycle that you won't want to miss!
By Kristina James

Which education trends are capturing the collective imagination this year? Spoiler alert: It’s not just technology changing the classroom environment. Here are seven trends you’re likely to see more of in the year ahead.

By Marta Oddone

Musicians, tap dancers, photographers…they all know the importance of good timing. And, good timing is key to successful marketing. Syncing your marketing efforts to the beat of the audience’s purchasing journey is the smart way to avoid off notes, missed steps, and lost opportunities.

By Jodi Murphy

School safety is a hot topic (no surprise there) and it's relationship with social emotional learning (SEL) is becoming more prevalent. I love seeing companies begin to focus on this topic more. In this round of the scoops I'd like to give a special shout out to...

Jodi Murphy

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking…”Another post on social media marketing to educators and why I need to be doing it.” You’re right! Seriously though, you need to be doing it. I still am shocked at the number of brands who are missing out on reaching teachers, schools and families via social channels.  It just shocks me!

By Sean McCloud

Social media advertising provides us marketers with great audience target choices and the ability to measure conversions. With Instagram steadily growing in popularity at 1 billion active users and Facebook’s user base reaching 2.2 billion, what does this mean for social advertisers and their campaign planning? Brands need to have active promotions running on both and considering Facebook owns Instagram, they make the cross-platform marketing simple.

By Jodi Murphy

This week's hot topics uncovered the power of the 'Marie Kondo' effect on a classroom, 9 ways to decrease the student drop out rate, inspiring quotes from legendary Super Bowl coaches, and more!

See what lessons we learned from content marketing campaigns after engaging with teachers through our educator-focused channels.

Brush up on industry trends with our first report in the State of the K-12 Market Report 2018 series. This report presents a high-level overview of the K-12 education market.


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