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NOVEMBER 9, 2018
We can’t stress enough the importance of understanding your audience, especially educators. It’s crucial to know just how to approach them and gain their trust.  Everything you do sends a message, even if not directly. 

Educators are your #1 priority; in this week's School of Thought issue, we share some insights on how to build trust with them. This can be done by investing in the community they work in, helping them find valuable resources, keeping in touch the right way, and by understanding their interests.

Enjoy this week's articles!
By Melissa Pelletier

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, schools can be the heart of a community. The age of the school building, the condition and currency of the materials used, the access to technology…parents and students draw conclusions about how society values them from their school environment, and lack of investment in public education can have ripple effects beyond the campus.

By Melissa Pelletier

Companies in the education industry emerge and rise to the top because of their ability to give educators what they want – and traditionally that has included high quality materials, applications, and tools that aid in teaching and learning. As Open Education Resources (OER’s) have emerged as a game changer, a new need has emerged for organizations to help guide teachers in finding the tools for their needs quickly and effectively.

By Jodi Murphy

This time around I'd like to give a shout out to the EDspaces conference this past week in Tampa, FL. If you aren't familiar with Edspaces, it's a yearly conference where education leaders gather to explore challenges, strengthen skills, and build networks. Thank you EDspaces for allowing us to take part in your informative event! Our very own Melissa Pelletier presented the question "Does the physical learning environment impact learning?" Based off our most recent report, Melissa shared insights from the research based on a comprehensive survey of teachers and administrators. And, wow...it was very well received!

By Jodi Murphy 

With Halloween just passing us...made me think about a haunting dirty trick. I'm talking about being ghosted. It's the worst. you think you've made a connection with someone, and then they stop responding to your calls, emails, texts, whatever. They've vanished. It's the ultimate insult. Your weren't important enough to even say goodbye. When this happens socially, it's hurtful. But when a company does this to a customer, especially educators, it's really bad business.

By Marta Oddone

As a business leader, your ideal audience can be hard to identify. The customers who become your loyal brand evangelists might not be the people your marketing plan originally targeted. If you're operating a restaurant, for example, you might be sitting on top of a gold mine consumer group without even realizing it: educators.

By Jodi Murphy

This week's topics are here to serve as a reminder that educators are in need of a little lift of their spirits. We're talking about how to create and maintain a joyful school climate, why administrators should reinstate teacher planning periods, how to avoid the principal burnout, and more!

Spruce up your 2019 strategy with a Brand Awareness or Brand Usage Study, where we will get answers to questions like what teachers think of your brand, how your brand compares to your competitors, and much more!

As we enter the Information Gathering and Research phase of the school purchasing cycle, learn why it's crucial to use multiple channels to reach educators. With social, email and web ads, be sure your messages are getting the traction they need!

November 16th at 1:30 PM ET

In this free webinar, Linda Ingersoll, MDR's Chief Engagement Strategist and Laura Freveletti, Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager for The Allstate Foundation will share insights about how to best engage today's youth.

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