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SEPTEMBER 14, 2018
Today we are excited to kick off our first EdNET 2018 event in San Francisco! Thank you to all the attendees, speakers, and sponsors. We look forward to the productive and enriching two weeks ahead, as we travel to Chicago and then New York. 

Great new topics in this issue! We talk about what digital tools help foster the ever-important relationship between teachers and parents; our guest contributor provides a thought provoking look at the future of artificial intelligence in schools; and our WeAreTeachers team has created quite the buzz talking about lawnmower parents – over 2 million buzzes, to be exact! 
By Melissa Pelletier

Parents involvement in their child’s academic success is very important.  They are part of the team that helps build a solid relationship with education and learning, regular interaction with teachers is critical throughout the year. Since communication is key, what’s the best tool to use for educators to stay in touch with parents and vice versa?

By Jodi Murphy

It's a super exciting week here at MDR...EdNET kicks off in San Francisco today! The team has been crazy busy preparing for the first of three EdNET events taking place nationwide. Although I'm hanging back this year, I know it will be an amazing time with the great lineup of programming and sessions. Time to scoop!


By Britten Follett – SVP of Marketing and Classroom Initiatives, Follett School Solutions

There’s much debate in the education industry about the role artificial intelligence will play in education. When will a computer replace a teacher? Would that lead to the end of public education? At Follett, we believe artificial intelligence will complement the teaching process. And, it will save teachers time. 

By Kristina James

Welcome to fall! I hope everyone wore their white shoes and pants all summer, because the time has come to retire them. It’s official, summer is over. For those of us who work in the education market, that can only mean one thing: Back to School season is in full swing.

By Jodi Murphy

Thank you to Marketing Insider Group for referencing us in this great article. Have you ever wondered why, for decades upon decades of marketing, we still see images of families or friends bonding with each other in our ads? It’s fairly simple, really. Brands want to be associated with bringing people together.

By Jodi Murphy

Holy cow! Our WeAreTeachers team has hit it out of the park with their recent article "Lawnmower Parents Are the New Helicopter Parents & We Are Not Here for It" with 2.3 million pageviews! The article is being picked up on all medias - online, print, radio, and television. Check it out along with all their other most engaging topics.

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All EdNET locations have sold out!  Thank you to all and we look forward to seeing you over the next two weeks.

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