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MAY 25, 2018
As we fast approach the end of the school year, do you know the best time of year to engage with educators? We do! And, of course we like to share, so check out below our updated “Reach Teachers All Year Long” infographic and be sure to print it out to reference it all year long.  

Some other great featured articles in this issue are about school's purchasing cycle that includes valuable insights into when to time your campaigns, also learn how technology is impacting the future of educational institutions, the best way to address Gen Z'ers, and much more. Keep on reading!
By Melissa Pelletier

When is the best time to send a free demo of your product to a school? When will schools be open to running a pilot program with your business? When are the final decisions made in the school budget? The beginning or the end of the school year aren't the times that schools spend their budgets - but rather throughout the entire year. 

By Jodi Murphy

There may be a long weekend upon us but don't forget about your scoops! Check out the latest in education news and stay up-to-date on all things edu related - both MDR and not!

By Guest Contributor Paul Bartrum, Academies Partnership Manager, Avocor

With new educational technology tools developing every day, the ability to create an interactive classroom is becoming easier than ever before. It may still be some time before we see the likes of interactive whiteboards in every classroom, or individual tablets on every student's desk. However, an increasing number of schools are making use interactive technology to revolutionize the way their students learn.

By Jodi Murphy  

Are your ears burning? Somewhere on social media, teachers are discussing their need for your product, or if your're lucky, your brand. Sounds like a conversation you should be a part of, right? It's kind of like joining a conversation at a party; you want to be a natural and welcome participant, not a walking infomercial that no one invited.

By Bernadette Grey 

Generation Z is fast becoming the most coveted of marketing audiences. Unfortunately, it is also one of the hardest to reach. Gen Z is incredibly media savvy, so the challenge for marketers is trying to connect with an audience that already knows every marketing trick in the book. If you aren't direct with your messaging, you'll quickly lose Gen Zers' attention.

By Marta Oddone

Email really is the Swiss Army knife of education marketing. No other channel is as targetable, measurable, or testable. So, it's really good news that our recent study from Simmons National Consumer Survey found that for teachers, emails were the most influential in prompting them to make a purchase. 

By Jodi Murphy

From tactics to approaching that teacher that is looking to leave to ways administrators can address their late teachers, we're covering it all! Check out the hot topics that educators are reading this week.

This first report in the State of the K-12 Market Report 2018 series presents a high-level overview of the K-12 education market.

This free infographics details just why educator engagement shouldn't just focus on the first two months of the school year, but rather throughout the course of the year.


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