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MARCH 16, 2018

In this collection of the latest MDR posts, we share a teacher's tech wish list, and consider the spending habits of teachers as world travelers and consumers. Teachers need a helping hand with the plethora of data and information they collect on a regular basis about their students. We imagine what new tools could come into the market to provide those missing links.

We also look at how the school calendar and holidays align with teacher travel habits and spending activity, and we’ll show you how to leverage back to school season, summer break, and other events for your marketing endeavors. Let’s also think about what attracts kids to read certain books with our guest contributed post.


Teacher Wish – One Platform For All Student Data

By Melissa Pelletier

Teachers need to keep track of, collect, and juggle a ton of information. Now, imagine if all that information were easily accessible in one dashboard or teacher platform. Sound impossible? Maybe not, if marketers and product designers take this wish seriously, and work toward making it a reality.

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The EdScoops

By Jodi Murphy

Spring is almost in the air! The poor northeast was hammered with more snow this week, so no spring fever there yet, but hopefully soon. Thank you for continuing to send over your news and updates. Keep up the great work!

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Creepy Underwear

By Guest Contributor Britten Follett, Senior VP of Marketing and Classroom Initiatives, Follett School Solutions

It’s on the top shelf. Slightly out of reach for five and six-year olds. So they stand on their tippy toes, reach high, and tilt the book off the shelf. I watch as their little fingers flip each page. They gasp in horror, and smile in delight.

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6 School Events That Provide Perfect Opportunities for Education Marketing

By Hannah Hudson

Remember when you were young and everything in life revolved around the school events calendar? Seasons weren’t marked by dates, but by school breaks. Holidays weren’t one-day events, but week-long lessons capped off by classroom parties. And though they weren’t recognized by the rest of the world, certain occasions — school dances, midterms, recitals, graduation — generated more excitement or anxiety than Christmas morning.

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Travel Time: Understanding Teachers as Consumers

By Jodi Murphy

Teachers. They are a seven million strong audience hiding in plain site in every community in the country. With unique, and singularly attractive demographics, (financially stable, homeowners, brand loyal), they are truly the perfect consumer.

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Teachers As Consumers

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