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MARCH 2, 2018

Reflecting on the past as well as what lies ahead are two themes this week. Anne Wujcik shares her reflections on her fascinating career and warm memories.

In other news, we thought we’d get you thinking about the nature of education for the littlest learners and the teachers who impart their wisdom on these learners. There’s always new resources and tools to support this learning with educational technology, so we’ve also provided some inspiration for marketing these tools as well.

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Just a Few Memories

By Anne Wujcik

MDR graciously offered me space this week, because I told them I wanted to reminisce. For anyone who’s been in the industry as long as I have, that’s a dangerous offer. I have enjoyed thinking back and calling up wonderful memories from decades of school market experience.

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Where Are the Gaps in EdTech Products and Services?

By Melissa Pelletier

Greetings! I hope to bring you weekly posts that investigate topics that are both intriguing and informative, to better help your business and marketing endeavors. This week, I looked into a few areas the EdTech industry could grow and improve in, for the foreseeable future.

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The EdScoops

By Jodi Murphy

Happy March all!  Thank you to all the fans out there for sharing your education scoops, as I love reading and sharing about all the changes in the industry.  Keep ’em coming!

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A Year of Disruption? 7 Education Trends for 2018

By Jodie Pozo-Olano

Like few other professions, educators have always been experimenters. That’s not going away in 2018; if anything, it’s accelerating. Socrates taught in a variety of forums that wouldn’t fit today’s definition of the classroom. Down the street today, a sixth grader is chatting via Skype with a tutor on another continent.

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Education Marketing Calls for a Personal Touch

By Kristina James

One of the oldest adages among anglers is to fish where the fish are. But fishermen need to be ready to react when fish take to different waters. Education marketers are experiencing a major shift in how they target and reach educators. The wall that divided work life from home life has eroded, and with that opening comes new opportunities for marketers to make connections with educators.

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Digital Trends in Education Marketing Q&A’s

By Marta Oddone

Thank you to all who attended the Digital Marketing Trends Webinar. Get answers to some of the top questions we received on topics like best performing subject lines, UTM codes, and the best campaign size. You'll also get a link to watch the video recording and download the slides!

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Teachers As Consumers

Discover the latest data on teachers' backgrounds, interests, buying patterns, media uses, and more in this FREE MDR Report.

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Marketing to Educators: What You Need to Ace the Test

Get our new guide to data-driven education marketing.

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March 5-8, Austin, TX
Join us at our  Meet Up Session on Tuesday, March 6 at 3:30PM for a discussion of the State of the K-12 Market

Detroit Marketing Trends Seminar

March 9, Troy, MI


March 12-15, Washington, DC
Come see us at Pod #102 at the @InnovationCentral Expo!

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